Couple shares the story of coffee through Mount Pleasant business

Aaron and Christie Cromar don’t just share their love for coffee with each other – they share it with the community.

Though the couple has been roasting coffee from their home for a few years, they officially opened the Coffee Room, home to Narrativality Coffee Roasters, last November.

Through this business, they hope their customers gain an understanding of the story of coffee, and all of the steps that are taken before the coffee is poured into a mug and served to customers at the downtown Mount Pleasant coffee shop.


Students express themselves through fashion


From Grand Rapids to Inner Mongolia, students from across the state, country and world attend Central Michigan University. Students can express their cultures, interests and personal styles through fashion, whether that means wearing a sorority sweatshirt or accessorizing with jewelry engraved with words.



Student strengthens her spirituality through choir

Before coming to Central Michigan University, junior Elayashia Kendall went to church every Sunday. Now, she still tries to, but work sometimes gets in the way.

Performing in and acting as vice president of Christ Central Choir has allowed Kendall to still feel close to God while away at college.